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Grummwhat happen to canadian craft ?
[OP] Goldenhawk1000A brand New Factions/PvP Server will be Opening around June 20-21! This server will be called "EmpireCraft" and it is not connected with CanadianCraft although it has similar things like Factions and PvP. This server won't have any staff abuse, donations will work, all of the ranks will have the needed kits, all of the plugins will be in and no major changes will happen when the server is open so everyone can play in peace and have fun! I will post the ip the day the server opens, the website will be on the MOTD of the new server so you can find it there. I hope to see you all on EmpireCraft when it opens!
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Grumm   Hey Golden what happen to canadian
nikakool456has anyone found a server to play on?
nikakool456ahh i used to have a server that i played on but i quit... but i can still give u guys the ip if u want
[OP] Test62So, as you can see, for the past 2-3 hours i have been tinkering around with trying to find free minecraft hosting, and clearly i have failed. So, I believe we should all find a cool server we can all play on and go on that server and play. That way we are all still together as one big community. Comment below on some cool servers we should all play on, with their IP's
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